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Birmingham prepares to welcome Usain Bolt and the Jamaican and USA teams, ahead of the 2012 Games

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101-year-old medallist sends message to Olympic hero Usain Bolt

A Birmingham born woman who is 101 next month has praised Olympic hero Usain Bolt after she received a gold medal of her own for fitness.Agnes Jones wants to send a message to Bolt who last night paid tribute to Birmingham for hosting the Jamaican team's training camp.

Mrs Jones who has been watching the athlete's races from her nursing home in Shirley, Solihull said: "Very well done indeed. I hope he continues to do it."And she added: "He's a very nice young man, and he deserved it."

Mrs Jones, a grandmother and retired seamstress, has just won a gold medal from the charity NAPA - the National Association for the Providers of Activities for Older People.

The centenarian beat 308 other elderly people in a competition which involved bicep curls with baked bean tins and sit-to-stand repetitions.She can dash 50 metres in 54 seconds with the aid of her walking trolly.


  1. Charlotte Grant

Bolt in Birmingham, full report

In two weeks time some of the fastest men in the world will be arriving in the Midlands.

The Jamaica and USA teams will be based in Birmingham, as part of their final preparations before London 2012.

But there is one family that will be looking forward to their visit more than most.

Usain Bolt may live in Jamaica, but he has a cousin who lives here in the Midlands, so Central Tonight took her on a tour around what will be the Jamaican team's new home.

Charlotte Grant has this special report.

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