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Farmers are discussing their next steps in the campaign to deliver sustainable milk prices. Members of the Dairy Coalition are holding talks to publish their forward plan.

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Wiseman Dairies withdraw from planned milk price cuts

Robert Wiseman Dairies is the last dairy processor to withdraw from planned milk price cuts on 1st August.

In a statement on their website today they confirmed that they will hold the milk price for Wiseman Milk Group members.

It follows the decision made by processors Dairy Crest, Arla and First Milk yesterday to withdraw on price cuts.

"We have confidence that we can work with our customers and farmers to address the obvious challenges that exist."

– Robert Wiseman Dairies website


Farmers protest in Uttoxeter over milk price cuts.

Cow milk prices are rising Credit: PA Pictures

More than 200 farmers, along with 20 tractors, staged a 'milk march' through the town centre of Uttoxeter this morning.

The parade was part of a series of protests that have taken place across the county by dairy farmers and the National Farmers Union to fight against the cuts to the price of milk.

Dairy farmers were handing out free milk to people in Uttoxeter town centre as a symbol of how they feel they are already giving their milk away as a result of rising production costs and falling retail prices.

"There has been some movement as a result of farmer pressure but the fight still goes on."

Oliver Cartwright, Regional Press Officer for NFU.

The Vice President of the NFU, Adam Quinney, was in attendance at the march and gave a speech to farmers about the current situation.

Farmers and the NFU are holding talks with supermarkets to try and reach an agreement soon.

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New agreement between dairy farmers and milk processors

Farmers and the milk processors agreed a voluntary deal which will mean contracts between them will be fairer and more transparent.

The agreement was made just hours after a huge protest outside a yoghurt plant where more than a thousand people,and their tractors, managed to stop some vehicles getting into the factory.

The farmers were angry that they get paid less than it costs to produce their milk.


Vice Chairman of Farmers For Action says protests will not stop until talks begin

Dairy farmers who have held blockade-protests about getting a fairer price for their milk are hoping for a breakthrough when Ministers meet later today.

The National Farming Union has warned that some supermarkets don't pay their members enough to cover their costs of production for milk.

There were further blockades at processing plants in Shropshire, Worcestershire and Derbyshire over the weekend.

The Vice-Chairman of Farmers For Action Andrew Hemming says more action will be carried out until the government respond to their calls for change.

  1. Michael Sibert

Dairy farmer's protest, full report

Hundreds of dairy farmers have been involved in a blockade at a milk processing plant in Leicestershire overnight.

They are angry at more cuts in the price they are paid for their milk.

Many farmers say they will have to lose staff, livestock or shut down completely if another planned decrease in the amount they are paid for milk goes ahead in August.

The milk processing company says reducing prices is always a last resort. Michael Sibert reports.

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