Giant Lady Godiva Tour

A 10m tall ambitious Lady Godiva puppet has paraded through Coventry before it journeys to the Olympic Games.

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Shoppers cheer as giant Lady Godiva 'walks' past

After a tour of Coventry's ring road, the giant 20ft Lady Godiva puppet took a stroll past shoppers in the city centre using her 'walking frame'.

Lady Godiva takes a stroll through the city centre as she returns to Coventry Credit: ITV Central

Shoppers stopped to take pictures and cheer as she strolled through the streets.

The giant puppet, created for the London 2012 Olympics, was returning home after a year on tour.

Shoppers stop to take pictures of the giant puppet Credit: ITV Central

Lady Godiva takes lap of honour around Coventry

A giant 20ft effigy of Lady Godiva has returned to Coventry to parade around the city's ring road.

The puppet, created for the London 2012 Olympic Games to represent the West Midlands in arts and culture, is powered by around 100 cyclists.

Lady Godiva atop her mechanical horse as she returned to Coventry Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Sat atop her mechanical horse, she took a lap of honour around the ring road before heading into the centre.

The puppet is powered by around 100 cyclists Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Lady Godiva puppet returns to Coventry

The 10ft tall Lady Godiva was pulled through Coventry in July last year Credit: ITV News Central

A giant puppet of Lady Godiva will once again ride through the streets of Coventry today.

The 20ft tall effigy was created for the cultural celebrations to mark last year's Olympics in London.

The structure is powered by around a hundred cyclists, who will pedal it through the city.


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