Sikh Family Denied Entry to Olympics

A Sikh family say there were denied entry to an Olympic football match in Coventry because they were carrying a Kirpan- a small religious knife.

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LOCOG issue statement on Kirpan policy at 2012 venues

London 2012’s policy is to allow the Kirpan into all of our competition venues as long as the length of the sheath (not including the hilt) is no longer than 6 inches and is present with the other Articles of Faith. At the time of making this policy, we were not fully aware of the existing restrictions on Kirpans in the football venues and we have unfortunately been unable to change the existing regulations. We apologise for the confusion this has caused, we have and will continue to explain the situation through direct communication with spectators and on our website.”

– LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games)

Sikh family denied entry to Olympic event

A Sikh family are upset after being denied entry to an Olympic event in Coventry because one of them was carrying a small religious knife.

Dalwinder Singh Sandhu had planned to attend the football matches involving Japan, Honduras, Senegal and the United Arab Emirates yesterday but when he turned up with his wife and two children, he was refused entry by security staff.

Central Tonight has asked the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games for an intereview. They told us they were investigating this complaint and would release a statement this afternoon.


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