180mph M6 Chase

33-year-old Ben Westwood has been given 9 years in jail for raiding a cash machine in Penn and a 180mph chase along the M6.

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180mph Getaway driver, full report

A getaway driver who tried to out-run a police helicopter at speeds of 180 miles per hour has been jailed for nine years. It's thought to be Britain's fastest ever car chase.

The judge told Ben Westwood that it was an atrocious piece of dangerous driving. Police say it's lucky he didn't kill someone.


180mph, M6 getaway driver sentenced to 9 years in jail

A getaway driver who reached speeds of 180mph to try to escape a police helicopter on the M6 has been given 9 years in jail.

33-year-old Ben Westwood from Wolverhampton, tried to get away from the helicopter in a chase that covered 65 miles.

He was driving a stolen convertible Audi RS5 along the M6, in the West Midlands, on the 13th January this year.

Police gave chase by car and helicopter after spotting a gang trying to rob a cash machine in Penn in the West Midlands but they could not keep up with the £85,000 sports car.

It's one of only two of it's kind in the UK. Westwood was charged with for dangerous driving and conspiracy to burgle and steal. He was found guilty by a jury of conspiracy to steal on 13th July

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