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GCSE results are revealed today, here is some useful advice for those who may not know what to do next.

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  1. Peter Bearne

GCSE results day, full report

The number of teenagers getting top GCSE marks in the East Midlands has fallen for the first time in the exam's 24-year history.

Thousands of students got their results today, the number getting five A-Cs dropped very slightly to 69.4%.

Meanwhile, a row has erupted about the English results after many students were awarded lower than expected grades. Teachers have accused exam boards of marking them too harshly.


Exam board reassures students who received lower than expected grades

There was disappointment for some today with lower than expected English marks, for the students themselves it could mean the difference between getting the essential grades to take them onto college.

For the teachers, some may feel they let their students down because they had predicted higher grades than the ones they eventually got.

Schools themselves have to meet targets on A - C grades at GCSE so this could affect their figures. As for the exam boards they deny they have been too harsh. This is what one exam board had to say today:


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