Millions of teenagers had an anxious wait for their GCSE results this morning but one father from Leicester had a double-dose of nerves.

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  1. Rajiv Popat

GCSE Dad, full report

For many people today was nerve-wracking as they received their GCSE results, but one father had a double dose of nerves.

Barnie Choudhury's daughter got her results this morning and he got his. Mr Choudhury took his GCSE in Maths, decades after first taking his 'O' levels.

Rajiv Popat was there as he opened that all important envelope.


Daughter of GCSE Dad says she's proud and there was a little competition

Olivia Choudhury is celebrating with her father today as both of them received their GCSE results.

While this is the first time Olivia has experienced the nerve-wracking moment of opening her results, for her father Barnie this is the second time as he sat his O-levels over 30-years ago.

It was a proud day for Mr Choudhury, his 16 year old daughter Olivia got 8 A* and 3As, he got an A*.

Olivia says there was just a little competition brewing between them.

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