Warwick Castle's Missing Eagle

The bird handler of Warwick Castle's eagle Stan has rubbished reports that the search for their missing sea eagle has been called off.

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Bird handler denies reports eagle search is off

Stan has been at Warwick Castle for almost ten years and has flown away before but only hours at a time Credit: Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle's bird handler Chris O'Donnell has said the search for the missing eagle Stan is ongoing following reports it had been called off.

Stan the white tipped sea eagle flew away from Warwick Castle four months ago during a show.

Many sightings lead Chris and his team to the bird of prey since he disappeared but have been unable to catch him.

The White Tailed Sea Eagle which has a wing span of 6 and a half feet, has been at the tourist attraction since 2004, he has flown away before but only for 2 or 3 hours.

The last person to see Stan was his handler Chris, one month ago in Daventry.

Chris said "we haven't had any sightings for four weeks so we don't know where to look, as soon as we have a report of a sighting we will follow it up. If Stan was safe in the wild we would be happy to leave him but there are hazards, like if he is scavenging for food by a road for example."

Reports that search for Warwick Castle's missing sea eagle called off

With a wing span of 6.5 feet, he is easy to spot soaring in the English countryside Credit: Warwick Castle

There are reports the search for Warwick Castle's missing sea eagle have been called off, 4 months after he flew away during a falconry display.

Stan the eagle has a 6.5 foot wingspan and handlers at the castle were initially tracking the bird to try and get him back.

But it's being reported that attempts to try and find him have failed, and he is being left to live in the wild.

Staff at Warwick Castle have given up the search for Stan Credit: Warwick Castle

Bird handlers at the castle initially thought Stan would not survive in the wild as he was bred in captivity and would not be able to hunt for himself.

But it seems the eagle's natural instincts have kicked in, and he is fending for himself somewhere in the Warwickshire countryside or beyond.


Eagle-eyed viewers may have seen missing bird of prey

Some viewers believe they have seen Stan, the eagle missing from Warwick Castle since Thursday lunchtime.

The White Tailed Sea Eagle has a wing span of 6 and a half feet and has been at the tourist attraction since 2004.

If anyone does see the bird, they should contact the handlers on 01926 495421.


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