Andrew Mitchell MP Resigns

Andrew Mitchell the Sutton Coldfield MP has resigned as the Government's Chief Whip following allegations that he called a Downing Street officer a pleb, which he denies.

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Police Federation: No change to Mitchell's version

Tom Cuddeford, Deputy Chair of West Midlands Police Federation has said the position of the Federation has not changed after this evening's meeting between the Federation and Andrew Mitchell.


Police Federation: 'This is not about what Mr Mitchell said'

Let me be very clear, this is not about the language he did or didn't use during the incident in Downing Street.

"This is now about integrity - the integrity of police officers and the integrity of ministers of state.

"We already know what the police believe Mr Mitchell said and we know that he disputes that.

"But we don't know what Mr Mitchell did say and that's what we need to find out today - we are going to ask him to tell us exactly what he said.

– Ken Mackaill, Police Federation


Sutton Coldfield MP under pressure to step down

Sutton Coldfield MP Andrew Mitchell Credit: PA

Andrew Mitchell will meet with the Police Federation today, amid growing calls for him to step down.

His continued presence in Government risks damaging the image of the Tory party as being full of "arrogant toffs who look down on those less fortunate, and less wealthy", according the Telegraph.

In the article it said:

"He is a walking, talking embodiment of everything with which David Cameron would least like his party to be associated."

"If he stays, Mr Mitchell can do little good, and much damage. For the sake of his party, he should do the decent thing and stand down."

West Midlands Police Federation: Mitchell issue has been 'dragging on for weeks'

Andrew Mitchell will today attempt to defuse the rumbling row over his recent controversial outburst at the police by meeting representatives of his local force.

Speaking to ITV Daybreak, Chris Jones, Secretary of West Midlands Police Federation said:

"I would like to get to the truth and hear from Mr Mitchell exactly what he said.

This issue has been dragging on for weeks, we really need to talk the loose ends and put the matter to rest"

He added that the Government is disconnected with police and the general public.

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