The Hobbit's 75th Anniversary

Today marks the 75th anniversary since The Hobbit was first published. The books author, JRR Tolkien, grew up in areas of the West Midlands which he used as inspiration for his writing.

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Publishers school celebrates Hobbit's 75th anniversary, full report

A school celebrated one of their old boys today without whom, one of the most famous books in the English language may never have been published.

Rayner Unwin was only 10 was asked by his dad, a publisher, to read a manuscript to see if it was any good.

The boy said it was, the year was 1936 and the book was The Hobbit which went on to the sell millions.

'The Hobbit' author inspired by West Midlands

75 years today, 'The Hobbit' was first published. Its' author, JRR Tolkien, spent much of his childhood in the West Midlands, areas of which he used as inspiration for his writing.

It is thought that Tolkien was influenced by places like Sarehole Mill and the nearby Moseley bog in Birmingham.

The first of three films based on the novel is due to be released at the end of this year.

Pictures courtesy of Warner Brothers via YouTube.


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