Plane Crash Inquest

An inquest into the deaths of five people killed in a mid-air collision four years ago has reached a verdict.

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Inquest into plane crash that killed five, full report

The families of two of the people who were killed in a mid-air plane crash four years ago are finally starting to get answers about what happened.

Sophie Hastings from Derbyshire died when the plane in which she was flying collided with another aircraft as it came in to land at Coventry airport.

Also on board was Sybilla Sybille Gautrey from Northamptonshire.

The official report into the accident was released in 2010 and today the inquest into their deaths began

Plane crash inquest re-opened

An inquest has re-opened in Leamington Spa into the deaths of five people who were killed following a mid-air collision four years ago.

Brian Normington, 70, from Leamington, was at the controls of his KR2 kit plane when it collided with another aircraft on approach to Coventry airport in August 2008, causing one of its engines to explode.

The pilot of the other plan, Sophie Hastings, 28, from Derbyshire, was also killed - along with three other passengers.

The evidence will be considered by a jury. The court will hear from fifteen witnesses during proceedings expected to last two weeks.


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