Child's Death "Preventable"

A report into how authorities dealt with a 3 year old girl who was killed by her mother, has found that the child's death could have been prevented.

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Police and social workers criticised over child's death

Police and social workers have been criticised over the death of a three year old girl who was killed by her mentally ill mother. Alia Ahmed Jama was found dead at her home in Birmingham.

Her mother's relatives and even her solicitor told police about her mental problems.

Social workers were told about Alia and categorised her as a high priority - but it took them eight days to go to see her.

The next day, she was dead.

Risks to 3-year-old not properly recognised by police

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has revealed their findings from an investigation into the way police handled the case of a mother who stabbed her 3-year-old daughter.

The investigation found that police could not have "reasonably anticipated" the death of three-year-old Alia Ahmed Jama, but added that the potential risks to Alia as a result of her mother’s (Iman Omar Yusuf) behaviour may have been "better recognised".

They added, "several calls to police and attendance at a police station could with hindsight have flagged up an increased risk to her daughter."

No misconduct issues were found in relation to any individual officers.


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