First Hydrogen Filling Station

Drivers of hydrogen cars will be able to fill up their tanks in Nottingham for the first time, following the launch of a sustainable energy research facility at The University of Nottingham.

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£9m building will be 'The most advanced energy research facility in the country'

The University of Nottingham say their new £9m Energy Technologies Building will be the UK's most advanced research facility into new energy innovations. They say the building will include:

  • A testing facility for the University's Department of Architecture and Built Environment which will allow them to test the energy efficiency of buildings as well as an open space to carry out tests in daylight conditions.
  • Laboratory space for low carbon research.
  • A demonstration 'green' and 'brown' roof which will provide space for solar panels, as well as valuable ecological habitats.
  • Seminar and exhibition rooms.

Nottingham's first hydrogen filling station opens

Drivers of hydrogen cars can now fill up their tanks in Nottingham following the launch of a sustainable energy research facility at The University of Nottingham.

The £9m Energy Technologies Building on The University of Nottingham Innovation Park will provide a catalyst for the University's research into low carbon emissions.

Hydrogen energy is a strategic research focus for the University and an important new technology for the decarbonisation of the transport sector.

The new refuelling station, which also includes electric car charging points, is one of around 10 such facilities across the UK. It will be used principally for the small fleet of hydrogen-powered cars that we are planning to run in connection with research projects based at the new Energy Technologies Building.

– Gavin Walker, Professor in Sustainable Energy Technologies


University of Nottingham unveils new £9m energy research building

Professor Gavin Walker opening the new Energy Technology Building Credit: ITV Central

The University of Nottingham today unveiled their new £9m Energy Technologies Building.

It will be used to research environmentally friendly technology which will reduce carbon emissions. They say it will also offer a hydrogen production and refuelling station.

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