300ft High Power Station Protest

The energy firm EDF has dropped its five million pound law suit against a group of environmental activists who occupied one of its power stations in Nottinghamshire.

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Power station protesters time protest on their website

The protesters website Credit: nodashforgas.org.uk

A group of protesters who've scaled 300 foot tall chimneys at a power station in Nottinghamshire say they have enough supplied to stay camped up there for a week.

No Dash For Gas are occupying the chimneys at the West Burton Power Station.

They say the new style gas powered plant is damaging the environment.

The group has started counting the number of hours its protest is lasting on its website.

Climate campaigners say they'll 'camp inside' power station chimneys

Campaign group 'No Dash For Gas' have issued a statement saying they plan to abseil into the chimneys at West Burton Power Station in Nottinghamshire in an attempt to shut down operations.

They claim to have enough supplies with them to camp 300 feet in the air for around a week. A spokesperson for the action group said:

"West Burton power station in Nottinghamshire is being targeted because it’s one of the first in a new generation of highly polluting gas plants planned for the UK. The Coalition Government recently announced it intends to give the green light to as many as 20 new gas plants – a move that would crash Britain’s carbon targets, contribute to the climate crisis and push up bills."

Protesters tweet pictures from top of power station chimneys

Suspected climate protesters are posting pictures from the top of West Burton Power Station's chimneys. Police have arrested five people on suspicion of aggravated trespass.


Climate activists send tweets from power station protest

A group called 'No dash for gas' are tweeting about the ongoing protest at a power station in West Burton in Nottinghamshire.

They claim to have climbed up two of the chimneys at the gas fired energy plant.

Police say they've arrested five people on suspicion of aggravated trespass.

Climate protesters arrested at Nottinghamshire Power station

Nottinghamshire Police confirm there is still an ongoing protest at a power station in North Nottinghamshire this morning.

A number of people, thought to be climate change activists, are alleged to have gained access to the West Burton Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Station which is owned and run by EDF Energy.

Police say around 10 people climbed water towers and attached themselves to it.

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