Stolen Birds

A pensioner from Derby has been left devastated after a thief broke into an aviary in his garden and stole scores of birds. Several others were killed in the attack.

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Pensioner devastated after thieves kill dozens of his birds

John Brennan is devastated after thieves stole scores of his birds and killed dozens more.

The attack, which lasted around 15 minutes, was caught on a CCTV camera inside the aviary.

Mr Brennan is now considering what more he can do to improve security.

Scores of birds were stolen or killed in the attack Credit: ITV Central
Mr Brennan is considering ways to improve security Credit: ITV Central
Thieves cut through the wire in order to get to the birds Credit: ITV Central
More than half of Mr Brennan's 180 strong flock was stolen or killed Credit: ITV Central
Birds like these were stolen and killed in the attack Credit: ITV Central


CCTV of thief who stole and killed scores of birds

This CCTV footage shows a thief forcing his way into John Brennan's aviary at night. He holds a torch in his mouth.

For fifteen minutes, he grabs at birds with a net, stuffing them into his pockets. At one point passing close to the camera.

Mr Brennan says he's shocked and devastated.

His garden is surrounded by high fences and barbed wire, but he's now considering what more security measures he can take.

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  • Stolen birds

    Thieves have stolen around 50 birds from an aviary in Derby and killed dozens more.