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The latest on the newly elected Police and Crime Commissioners in the Midlands.

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Adam Simmonds the new PCC for Northamptonshire


(First Count)

Adam Simmonds (C) 30,436 (30.08%)

Lee Barron (Lab) 25,098 (24.81%)

John Norrie (Ind) 19,276 (19.05%)

Jim MacArthur (Ukip) 18,963 (18.74%)

Paul Varnsverry (LD) 7,394 (7.31%)

Eliminated: Jim MacArthur, John Norrie, Paul Varnsverry

(Second Count)

Distribution of MacArthur's, Norrie's and Varnsverry's votes

Adam Simmonds (C) 40,923

Lee Barron (Lab) 30,551

Elected: Adam Simmonds**

Electorate 518,829; Turnout 101,167 (19.50%)

Chief Constable welcomes new West Midlands PCC

The Chief Constable Chris Sims has welcomed Bob Jones to the new role Credit: ITV Central

The Chief Constable Chris Sims has welcomed the first West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Bob Jones.

Commissioner Jones was elected after beating Matt Bennett into second place.

Mr Sims said:

"I would like to congratulate Bob Jones on being elected as the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner.

"This year the West Midlands has seen the lowest crime ever recorded thanks to the hard work of officers and staff across the force.


Alan Charles the new PCC for Derbyshire


(First Count)

Alan Charles (Lab) 50,028 (44.31%)

Simon Spencer (C) 27,690 (24.52%)

David Gale (Ukip) 18,097 (16.03%)

Rod Hutton (Ind) 17,093 (15.14%)

Eliminated: David Gale, Rod Hutton

(Second Count)

Distribution of Gale's and Hutton's votes

Alan Charles (Lab) 57,248

Simon Spencer (C) 36,469

Elected: Alan Charles**

Electorate 786,982; Turnout 112,908 (14.35%)

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Graphs showing turnout per police force area

A close up look at how the turnout of the police force areas compare to each other

This graph shows the voter turnout with a scale of 25% on the left axis Credit: ITV Central

To give you a clearer view of how each police force area compares, the scale on the left hand side has been reduced to 25%.

The police force area with the highest voter turnout was Northamptonshire with 20%.

Staffordshire has the lowest voter turnout with 11.97% of the electorate casting their votes yesterday.

How many Midlanders voted in the Police & Crime Commissioner elections - Scale 100%

This graph shows the voter turnout with a scale of 100% on the left axis Credit: ITV Central

The first ever Police & Crime Commissioner elections have been met with a considerably low turnout.

The graph above shows the proportion of people who voted in each police force area.

The scale on the left hand side goes up to 100% to show how low the turnout was.

Bill Longmore the new PCC for West Mercia


Bill Longmore (Independent) has been elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia. The final results, after taking second preference votes into consideration, are as follows:

(First Count)

Bill Longmore (Ind) 50,900 (37.75%)

Adrian Blackshaw (C) 49,298 (36.56%)

Simon Murphy (Lab) 34,652 (25.70%)

Eliminated: Simon Murphy

(Second Count)

Distribution of Murphy's votes

Bill Longmore (Ind) 71,955

Adrian Blackshaw (C) 54,499

Elected: Bill Longmore**

Electorate 927,649; Turnout 134,850 (14.54%)


Ron Ball the new PCC for Warwickshire


(First Count)

James Plaskitt (Lab) 22,308 (34.70%)

Ron Ball (Ind) 21,410 (33.30%)

Fraser Pithie (C) 20,571 (32.00%)

Eliminated: Fraser Pithie

(Second Count)

Distribution of Pithie's votes

James Plaskitt (Lab) 25,200

Ron Ball (Ind) 33,231

Elected: Ron Ball

Electorate 422,163; Turnout 64,289 (15.23%)

Bob Jones is West Midlands' first Police and Crime Commissioner

Bob Jones talking to Central News earlier today Credit: ITV Central

Labour's Bob Jones has been elected as the first Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands, the largest police force outside of London.

He is a member of the outgoing Police Authority, the organisation his new role replaces. After a second stage of counting to take into account 2nd preference votes, Bob Jones received a total of 117,388 votes.

Police candidate says he 'disagrees with the new position'

Vote counting in the the Police and Crime Commissioner elections is underway across the region.

Voters went to the polls yesterday to decide who they think should be responsible for force budgets, policing priorities and Chief Constables.

Labour candidate for the West Midlands, Bob Jones says he fundamentally disagrees with the position, despite the fact he could win the job.

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