Winter Driving Tips

During winter more care must be taken by motorists. Find here tips to stay safe on the winter roads.

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Tips for staying safe on the winter roads

  • In poor weather conditions, slow down, increase your stopping distance.
  • Take care approaching bends, be gentle on the steering, the brake and accelerator.
  • To avoid skidding on icy roads drive very slowly.
  • Increase your stopping distance by up to ten times in bad weather conditions.
  • Black ice is a glaze that forms on surfaces when light freezing rain falls, or ice on road surfaces. It is clear and hard to see.
  • If you cannot avoid driving over ice shift into a low gear and do as little as possible, allowing the car to pass over the ice. Try and keep the steering wheel straight.
  • If you feel the back end of your car sliding left or right, make a very gentle turn of the steering wheel in the same direction to avoid skidding.
  • Slow down by de-accelerating, not by slamming on the brakes
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