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ITV's Text Santa is all about raising money for six UK charities that are helping someone near you. We’re starting to reveal what treats we have in-store for our viewers in our live charity show on Friday the 21st of December.

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Text Santa: Marie Curie Cancer Care

The latest charity to feature on ITV's Text Santa is Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Research shows that most people suffering from a terminal illness want to die at home, but most still end up passing away in hospital.

It's the mission of Marie Curie Cancer Care to bring end-of-life care to patients in their own homes. For one woman from Stoke-on-Trent, they made all the difference when her husband passed away.

Anthony Nolan Trust report

It's nearly 40 years since The Anthony Nolan Trust was set up.

Despite their ever-growing list of willing donors, they estimate that half of those in need still die for want of a suitable match. Callum Watkinson met one man from Birmingham who says he owes Anthony Nolan his life.


ITV Central Text Santa Bagpack!

Our very own Sameena Ali-Khan packing bags for Text Santa Credit: ITV Central
Don't drop that cake Steve! Credit: ITV Central
Our weather presenter Emma Jesson assisting shoppers earlier today Credit: ITV Central

Today's bagpack at Asda in Kings Heath is all in aid of ITV's Text Santa appeal. All the money raised goes to six UK charities that are helping someone near you.

  1. Andy Bevan

The struggle for millions to care for elderly relatives and children, full report

Millions of people are struggling to care for young children and elderly relatives at the same time - putting their own lives on hold and juggling tight finances.

That's what the charity Carers UK is claiming today on Carers Rights Day. Andy Bevan spent the morning with one woman who's part of a growing group known as 'sandwich carers'.

Carers UK is just one of the charities ITV's Text Santa is raising money for this Christmas. To find out more and which celebrities are getting involved see the ITV website.

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