How Serious Is Kate's Condition?

The Duchess of Cambridge has spent the night after being admitted with severe morning sickness yesterday. A Derbyshire mother speaks of the problems it causes.

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How serious is Kate's condition? Full report

As the world celebrates the news of an expected royal baby, a mother from the Midlands who has had the same severe pregnancy sickness as the Duchess of Cambridge says the condition is horrendous.

Like the Duchess, Sara Hannak suffered from Hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition which can make eating and drinking impossible. She lost two stone due to the illness. A warning that Balvinder Sidhu's report contains flash photography.


What is severe pregnancy sickness?

Some of the effects of acute morning sickness include:

  • Severe vomiting which means the woman cannot keep food or liquid down.
  • Sickness which lasts for the first three months
  • Dehydration and weight loss
  • The illness affects 3.5 people per 1,000 women
  • It can cause the woman to vomit blood
  • Other symptoms include severe nausea, low blood pressure and fast heart rate, headaches, lethargy or confusion.

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Pottery company's commemorative mug for royal baby

The Emma Bridgewater commemorative mug Credit: Emma Bridgewater

A pottery company is making special mugs to mark the birth of the royal baby.

Emma Bridgewater, based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, started work on the mug yesterday (3 December).

Emma Bridgewater said: "I think we have been quite quick off the mark with this one, I'm sure it will be followed by another mug bearing the Royal baby's name next year.

“Matthew [Rice, co-founder] and I are unabashed royalists and were delighted to welcome both the Prince of Wales and Duke of York to our factory last year. These mugs are a treat to make.”

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