Potholes: An Expensive Problem

With Winter approaching there are warning's potholed roads in the Midlands are at 'crisis point'. What exactly causes them?

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Rural watchdog: 'Councils could take longer to deal with potholes'

Local authorities are working under strict budget constraints and we believe that priorities may be rather different this year when it comes to dealing with pothole problems.

It would not come as a shock if local councils take much longer to deal with the issue, so we are urging motorists, especially those on unlit country roads, to stay vigilant and where possible report major potholes.

– CLA West Midlands director Caroline Bedell

Rural watchdog: 'Prepare for pothole problems'

Midlands councils are being warned to prepare for increased pothole repairs in their areas. Credit: PA

With heavy snowfall expected in the Midlands before Christmas, councils are being warned to prepare for pothole repairs in their local areas.

But due to budget cuts, rural watchdog The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) say they are concerned about the safety of road users and are warning drivers to take care on country roads.

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