M6 Auctioned On eBay

A disgruntled motorist has put the M6 up for sale on auction site eBay.

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5 most unusual things ever sold on Ebay

The M6 motorway has appeared on the online auction site Ebay.

Here is a list of the most unusual things which have appeared on the site, according to Ebay.

  • Britney Spears' hair. After the singer had her hair cut off, the salon put the cuttings online. But site policy meant they had to be removed.
  • Hornet fighter jet. It had been bought from a scrapyard and the owner offered to have it restored for a 'buy it now price' of $9,000,00.

  • New Zealand. Someone in Australia tried to sell the country back in 2006.

  • Hollywood sign. It went for $450,400 back in 2005.

  • Group of four Australian men. Four men sold themselves on the site, guaranteeing a weekend of 'fun, laughs and beer'. They sold for $1,300.


Tweeters enjoy M6 auction joke


M6 up for sale on auction site

Motorway Credit: David Jones/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A disgruntled commuter has put the M6 up for sale on auction site Ebay.

He claims the item is "used" and "not in great condition". It's "always in need of roadworks", so to compensate Corley Services will be thrown in for free.

Bidding started at 99p and the bid currently stands at £150, 600.

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