National Grid's Busy Xmas

National Grid expects to take around 117,000 calls nationally over the Christmas holiday period.

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National Grid gears up for 'busiest time' of the year

The energy giant, National Grid, is gearing up for one of its busiest times of year, keeping gas flowing into people's homes over Christmas.

During the festive period, its national customer centre, based here in the Midlands, is expecting to handle one emergency call every 15 seconds.

Dozens of gas engineers will be on duty over the holiday season. Our correspondent Peter Bearne has this report.

National Grid expect one call every 15 seconds

National Grid are expecting around 117,000 calls this Christmas as the company aims to keep families safe and warm by working around the clock throughout the festive period.

Engineers are expected to be very busy and in the time it takes to cook a 12lb stuffed Christmas turkey (3.5 hours), the company will take 1,050 calls.

On average they expect one call every 15 seconds.


National Grid expecting busy Christmas

The company expect to take around 117,000 this Christmas Credit: PA

National Grid engineers will be working throughout the festive period to make sure families across the Midlands have a safe and warm Christmas.

The company expects to take around 117,000 calls nationally over the holiday period.

Keeping gas flowing will be at the top of the agenda as millions of people will be cooking on Christmas Day.

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