Kempsey Flood Pump Failure

Residents in Kempsey will today find out why their brand new water pump failed during December's floods in a drop in session.

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£1.5m flood defences failed because of 'faulty sensor'

Floods in Worcestershire Credit: PA

A report has found that flood defences worth £1.5million in a village in Worcestershire failed due to a faulty sensor.

It lead to 15 homes being flooded.

The defences in Kempsey were unveiled in July after a 20 year campaign by villagers. In the early hours of 25th November, heavy rainfall lead to the sensors becoming waterlogged, meaning pumps designed to clear the water didn't activate.

The Environment Agency says the problems will be fixed.

Village of Kempsey under water as flood defence fails

A car submerged in the flooding that hit over the weekend Credit: ITV Central

The village of Kempsey was flooded despite a new flood defence system being installed.

The new flood defence system in Worcestershire was supposed to keep homes dry when a nearby brook rises.

But it's thought an electrical problem inside may have stopped the pumping machinery from working. That led to water pouring into up to fifteen houses.

Many places are off-limits to the public until the flooding subsides Credit: ITV Central


Why did the flood defence system fail in devastated village?

Dave Throup from the Environment Agency said there are reports of around 15 to 20 houses that were flooded in Kempsey despite having a flood defence scheme there.

Dave Throup said it appears one of the pumps failed to work during the point of the heaviest rainfall.

The pumps are designed to pump water away from the village that has been affected by flooding in the past.

He added that the pumps are now working as they help residents deal with the flooding.

Homes devastated by flood "I saw the water start to trickle through tiles then under my door"

One resident in the village of Kempsey, Worcestershire tells of the moment she woke to see flood water approaching the house.

Jenny Robinson tried to move as many of her possessions before the flood water reached the house and enter through tiles and under the doors.

The village has been devastated by flood water as a new flood defence system failed to work during the night as one pump shut down.

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