Health Regulator Report

The body set up to regulate hospitals, care homes and GP practices has been slammed in a highly critical report by MPs.

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Damning report on health regulator

The Stafford based campaign group "Cure the NHS" says a highly critical report by MPs on the poor performance of the Health watchdog, the Care Quality Commission, comes as no surprise.

Julie Bailey, whose mother died because of failings at the Mid Staffordshire Trust, says it's time for a wholesale shakeup of safety standards and inspections.



CQC chief: 'We haven't stood still, we have made progress'

The chief executive of the Care Quality Commission, David Behan, has spoken about measures that have been put in place to increase confidence in health and social health care services.

He said: "We haven't stood still, we have made progress and we're determined we will continue to make progress.

"Then we can get on with the job that we've been asked to do which is to ensure that people gain access to high quality services."


NHS watchdog claimed that whistleblower was 'mentally ill'

MPs have said that the Care Quality Commission was weakened last year when the body failed to address issues raised by whistleblower board member Kay Sheldon.

She had voiced concerns about poor leadership and safety breaches at the health regulator but the CQC "failed to address and act on them".

In August, The Independent reported allegations that the outgoing chair of the regular, Dame Jo Williams had attempted to discredit Ms Sheldon by casting doubts about her mental health.

Ms Sheldon told the Independent: "They were trying to discredit me as either mad or bad" Credit: The Independent

The newspaper said that Dame Williams had commissioned an occupational health doctor to psychiatrically assess Ms Sheldon without her knowledge.

A report concluded Ms Sheldon, who has a history of depression, was possibly suffering from "paranoid schizophrenia" although the doctor never met her and spoke to her briefly on the phone.

She said: “I am very open about my mental health problems, but it feels like they tried to use it against me".

Dame Williams also wrote to the then Health Secretary Andrew Lansley requesting that Ms Sheldon be removed from the board.

However, he later decided that she should stay after she started legal action.


Whistleblower: CQC has powers that they do not use

The Care Quality Commission watchdog was set up to ensure patients weren't at risk but a report by the Health Select Committee says it's failing us.

Whistleblower, Eileen Chubb, who set up her own charity after being angered by the standard of health and social care, spoke to ITV Daybreak.

She said that the CQC has 'plenty of powers, but they do not want to use them'.