Hate Crime Calls Soar

Calls to a helpline for victims of hate crime have soared in Nottinghamshire in the last year.

Calls to helpline for hate crime victims increase

Anti hate crime leaflet
Anti hate crime leaflet Credit: ITV Central

Calls to a helpline for victims of hate crime have soared in Nottinghamshire.

Stop Hate UK is a national charity that gives independent and confidential support to victims of hate crime.Victims can report abuse motivated by sexual orientation, gender, disability or ethnicity.

The definition of a hate crime from the Home Office:

'Hate crime' is any notifiable offence committed against a person or property that is motivated by hostility towards someone based on their disability, race, religion, gender-identity or sexual orientation, whether perceived to be so by the victim or any other person.

Of the 43,748 hate crimes that were recorded by the police nationally in 2011/12:

35,816 (82%) were race hate crimes, 1,621 (4%) were religion hate crimes, 4,252 (10%) were sexual orientation hate crimes, 1,744 (4%) were disability hate crimes and 315 (1%) were transgender hate crimes.

Wayne Breach
Wayne Breach Credit: ITV Central

Wayne Breach from Nottingham has been a regular victim of hate crime. The 40-year-old has learning difficulties & often gets verbal abuse from children and adults.

Denise Hickman
Denise Hickman Credit: ITV Central

Denise Hickman is the Assistant Co-ordinator for the 'Smile, Stop Hate Crime' project in Nottinghamshire.

Last year there was a steep rise in the number of calls to the helpline.