Snowmen For Sale

People have put snowmen up for sale on auction site Ebay.

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Igloo for rent in Sutton Coldfield

Igloo for sale Credit: Rightmove

An igloo has appeared for rent on an online property website.

It is described as "bijou" and "compact". Its features are said to include an "arched entrance porch" and "domed living space". The occupant would apparently be "the talk of the town" in this "full of character" property.

Snowmen for sale

Snowman for sale Credit: Ebay

Enterprising snowmen builders across the Midlands have decided to try and sell their finished products on online auction site Ebay.

The location of the above image is said to be Derbyshire.

Some people are also advertising "self-assembly" or "flat-pack" snowmen, or even "snowmen remains".


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