Peterborough Triple Inquest

A triple inquest is being held in Peterborough following the deaths of a father who is thought to have committed suicide after killing the man he suspected of supplying a fatal drugs overdose to his son.

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Inquests into deaths of father, son and friend

The story of a grieving father who took revenge on the man he blamed for his son's death by killing him and then himself.

Professional cage-fighter Roy Allison died from an overdose of ecstacy last March. Today three seperate inquests were held into the tragic sequence of events which began at a drug fuelled birthday party and ended with three men dead. Our correspondent Alison Mackenzie reports.


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Father and son inquest

Roy Allison and his son, Roy Allison Jnr Credit: ITV Anglia

An inquest has begun following the death of a father who is thought to have taken his own life after fatally stabbing a man he suspected of supplying a fatal overdose to his son.

The body of Roy Allison, 65, of Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, was found hanging above the grave of his son, Roy Allison Jnr, in the grounds of Peterborough Crematorium in July 2012.

Duncan Bell, who died in July 2012 Credit: Cambridgeshire Police/PA

It came after the discovery of another body belonging to Duncan Bell, 34, from Winyates, Orton Goldhay. It's though Mr Allison stabbed Mr Bell because he suspected him of giving a fatal supply of drugs to his son.

Roy Allison and his son taught martial arts at the Bushfield Sports Centre in Orton Goldhay. The inquest is being held in Peterborough.

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