Lincoln murder: life sentences

Two men have been given life sentences for murdering a 70-year-old man. Sonny Gray was tortured with boiling water before money and jewellery was stolen from his home.

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Life sentences for two men who murdered Sonny Gray

Two men who poured boiling water over a pensioner from Lincoln to force him to tell them where he'd hidden his money have been jailed for murder.

Sonny Gray crawled out of his home in agony and later died from his injuries.

His killers Rocky Curtis and Robert Holmes will serve a total of 54 years in prison. Today Mr Gray's family said it still wasn't enough.

A third man arrested in connection with Sonny Gray's murder found dead

by Peter Bearne

The court heard that a third man thought to be involved in the attack was in all likelihood the prime mover in the crime, but is now dead.

The judge Mr Justice Saunders QC said Tom Curtis, the brother of Rocky Curtis, "was likely to have been the leader of this criminal enterprise."

Tom Curtis, 30, of Newbridge Lane, Wisbech, was arrested by police in connection with Sonny Gray's murder in December 2011.

He was recalled to prison in relation to other matters, but was later found dead. His death will now be the subject of an inquest.


Sonny Gray family: 'Sentences too short'

by Peter Bearne

Relatives of the two defendants sobbed in the public gallery as their sentence was passed. Holmes shouted "Love you" to his family as he was led from the dock.

Outside court, Sonny Grey's family refused to talk to reporters, but as they walked away, one of his daughters said the sentences were too short, and life should mean life.

Judge sums up Sonny Gray sentencing

"The murder these defendants committed was brutal and merciless.

"During the course of the attack, Sonny Gray was given a severe beating; his attackers dipped his fingers into boiling water and boiling water was poured over his body at least twice."

– The judge, Mr Justice Saunders QC


Two men due to be sentenced for murder of Sonny Grey

Sonny Grey was attacked in his home in October 2011 Credit: ITV News Central

Two men will be sentenced today for the murder of a man at this home in Lincoln.

Sonny Grey had boiling water from a kettle poured over him during an attack in October 2011.

25-year-old Rocky Curtis and 24-year-old Robert Michael Holmes were found guilty yesterday of the pensioner's murder.

Left: 24-year-old Robert Michael Holmes. Right: 25-year-old Rocky Curtis. Credit: Lincolnshire Police
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