Eating disorders on the rise

More than one and a half million men and women of all ages and backgrounds are affected by an eating disorder in the UK, says charity BEAT.

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Eating disorders: don't suffer in silence says anorexia victim

The latest report by eating disorder charity BEAT, suggests that around 1.5million people in the UK may be suffering from an eating disorder.

Boys, girls, men and women from all types of background and ethnic groups can suffer from eating disorders.

Jo Thompson, mother of two, suffered from an eating disorder throughout her teens and spent over four years in hospital.

Now over the worst of it, Jo says anybody who may be struggling with their relationship with food should seek help as soon as possible.

Many symptoms can go unnoticed, and not all eating disorders are visible like anorexia. Think you may have an eating disorder? Follow the link to BEAT's symptoms page.


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