Cancer patient denied treatment

Adrian Ashby from Alcester has a type of intestinal cancer which requires radiotheraphy to prolong his life. He's had it for seven years and has received all sorts of treatment but the NHS has drawn the line at this treatment as it costs £50,000.

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Hospital statement following cancer patient being denied £50k treatment

The Arden Cluster, which consists of Primary Care Trusts NHS Warwickshire and NHS Coventry, has issued a statement after a patient suffering with cancer has been denied treatment because it costs £50,000.

I understand that this is a difficult time for Mr Ashby. Whilst I am unable to comment on an individual patient, we have a clear process in place for treatments that are not routinely commissioned to be considered as an Individual Funding Request (IFR).

– Martin Lee, Medical Director at the Arden Cluster

An IFR is a process that involves a panel of clinicians that look in detail at a patient's case and whether the circumstances are exceptional such that funding should be provided for the particular treatment.

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