Grandmother prevents theft

A grandmother from Stoke-on-Trent stops a thief stealing bottles of spirits from her local supermarket by hitting him with her handbag.

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Grandmother who caught thief: "her actions are humbling and inspiring"

Margaret Leese from Staffordshire helped to catch a thief by hitting him with her handbag. Chief Superintendent Bernie O'Reilly, said:

Mrs Leese is a wonder woman. She was brave and courageous and I really can't thank her enough for helping my officers arrest this lad. She helped to grab hold of him and we are really grateful for that. Her actions are humbling and inspiring.

– Chief Superintendent Bernie O'Reilly

Grandmother stops thief with handbag: "it made me laugh when he tried running away"

A grandmother in Stoke-on-Trent successfully stopped a thief at her local supermarket by hitting him with her handbag.

I knew my handbag was heavy, as it always is because I've always got my purse, keys and pills in there. So I just swung it at him. Luckily it hit him on the right shoulder and I put my right hand up to try and stop him but he barged into me. It all happened so fast but it made me laugh when he tried running away and fell over me. He fell flat on his face and that's when he was arrested.

– Margaret Leese

Theft stopped by grandmother's handbag

Margaret Leese Credit: News Team

A pensioner from Staffordshire successfully prevented a theft from her local supermarket by attacking a man with her handbag.

Margaret Leese spotted a man break free from two police officers who tried to stop him stealing bottles of spirits.

She hit him with her handbag, they both fell to the ground, and the thief tripped over her as he attempted to run away.


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