Bus stabbing suspect sectioned

A 22-year-old man that is in police custody on suspicion of murder has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. 16-year-old Christina Edkins was stabbed on a bus on Hagley Road in Birmingham on Thursday morning.

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Man questioned after teen stabbed on way to school

A man is being questioned by police over the murder of a teenage girl who was stabbed to death on a crowded bus on her way to school.

Police are investigating whether the girl was targeted in an random attack.

Christina Edkins was killed shortly after she boarded the double decker for school during yesterday's rush hour.

West Midlands Police launched a manhunt for a fellow passenger who fled the scene in the wake of her murder, involving police dogs and firearms officers.

A 22-year-old man was later arrested and detained by police following a short chase, after he was seen acting suspiciously near a Morrison's supermarket.

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Schoolgirl stabbed to death on bus journey to school

A 16-year-old girl has been stabbed to death on a bus as she made her way to school this morning.

Christina Edkins was killed shortly after boarding the crowded bus in the centre of Birmingham. Her headteacher descrbed her as "bright and popular" her friends say they will remember her as someone who "loved to laugh".

A few hours later, and just a few hundred yards away, a 22-year old man was arrested and is currently being questioned on suspicion of murder.


Schoolfriend: 'She was friendly with no troubles'

A friend of the schoolgirl Christina Edkins who was stabbed to death this morning on a bus has described the moment the 16-year-old's life-long friend heard about her death.

Katie Howells said the best friend 'was screaming when she found out'. The group of schoolgirls spoke in Birmingham this afternoon, describing the teenager as someone who loved to laugh and party.

One friend Laura Bishop said Christina had 'a lovely big family', she went on to tearfully say the schoolgirl celebrated her birthday just one week ago "she's been 16 for one week".

When asked how she would remember Christina she replied: "friendly with no troubles, that's what I don't understand she was friends with everybody".

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