Ed Miliband in the Midlands

The Labour leader will be holding a discussion forum in Birmingham today.


'We can turn this around and avoid a lost decade'

Addressing Labour's "people's policy forum" in Birmingham, Ed Miliband said he had the answers to Britain's current problems, telling the audience: "A lost decade is not inevitable."

"I don't just offer a change of management. I want to offer a change in the way this country is run and who it is run for," Mr Miliband said.

An investment in employment for the young, a "revolution" in the education system around vocational learning, regional banking systems and investment in homes were among the policy themes the Labour leader has outlined to the audience.


Ed Miliband: "We've got to earn your trust"

Ed Miliband said at present "Britain is run for the few not for the many."

Labour has to "earn" the public's trust if it is to return to power, Ed Miliband has said as he began his keynote speech at the Labour spring conference.

"This Government's failure makes people believe no-one can turn this around," he told the event in Birmingham.

As expected, Mr Miliband said support for a Conservative-led Coalition or full government threatened to bring Britain a "lost decade" in economic failure.