Nottingham parking levy rise

Nottingham's parking levy has risen by 16%. It comes into force today. It means the price of a parking space has risen from £280 to £344.

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Nottingham's parking levy 16% increase comes in

Nottingham's parking levy has come into force Credit: ITV News Central

Nottingham's parking levy 16% increase has come into force.

It means the price for a parking space has risen from £280 to £344.

Commerce leaders said the decision could turn businesses away. However, the council claim the levy is needed to help fund the extension to the tram network.


Nottingham parking levy to increase to £334

Business leaders are warning that Nottingham's workplace parking levy risks deterring more businesses from setting up in the city.

It's almost a year since the city council introduced the charge for companies with more than eleven car parking spaces.

Next week, it will rise from £280, to £334 per space. The council is using the tax to pay for the extention to the city tram system.


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