Easter Villa match protest

Aston Parish Church is holding a ‘generous protest’ against the organisers of the football match being held at Villa Park this lunchtime. The Reverend of the Church says the match will disrupt Easter celebrations in the community.

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Easter protest against Aston Villa, full report

A church congregation fed up with having their Easter Sunday services disrupted by noisy football fans have staged a protest.

The Reverend of Aston Parish church says scheduling Sunday lunchtime matches disturbs the peace and tranquility of their services.

Today the congregation in Birmingham staged a peaceful mini-demonstration ahead of Villa's match with Liverpool.


Protest 'to remind people what Easter is about'

The protest being held by the Aston Parish Church today against the lunchtime Aston Villa match being held on Easter Sunday includes handing out free hot cross buns.

Reverend Andrew Jolley says they are there to remind people what Easter is all about.

Although matches have taken place on Easter Sunday for years, protesters say holding the game earlier in the day this year is disruptive to those attending Church.

Aston Villa 'we respect everybody's right to worship'

A spokesman for Aston Villa has said in a statement that the club respects the rights of people to worship in response to a protest being held by Aston Parish Church who opposed the match being held today, on Easter Sunday.

"We maintain good relations with Aston Parish Church and have an open and active dialogue with Rev. Andy Jolley and Church members.

"Support and assistance has been provided by the Club so that members of the congregation will have easy access to and from the Church on Sunday.

"Parking and mini-bus services have also been offered and will be available on demand.

"We respect everybody's right to worship on Easter Sunday and celebrate the most important feast in the Christian calendar, as we respect all faiths, and we know we will continue to have good relations with Aston Parish Church and our neighbours in the local community."

– Aston Villa spokesman Brian Doogan

Hot cross buns handed out in friendly Easter protest

Hot cross buns are being handed out to people on their way to the match

As part of a protest against Aston Villa's decision to hold a football match at lunchtime on Easter Sunday, Aston Parish Church are handing out free hot cross buns.

Despite the church raising concerns about the 1.30pm kick off at Villa Park, organisers did not change the timings.

A choir singing to celebrate Easter in Birmingham

Easter mass ahead of protest

Easter service takes place at Aston Parish Church Credit: ITV News Central

A protest is due to begin outside Aston Parish Church because the Reverend is angry that Aston Villa are playing a lunchtime game on Easter Sunday.

The second service of the morning has already taken place.

Despite the church raising concerns about the 1.30pm kick off at Villa Park, organisers did not change the timings.


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