King's Mill hospital concerns

A report by the Care Quality Commission raises concerns over the structure of the hospital's pathology department.

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King's Mill Hospital insists patients are now put before money

A report has found that a hospital in Nottinghamshire where breast cancer patients received faulty test results put money before patient care.

The mistakes at King's Mill Hospital meant some women weren't given the most appropriate treatment.

The Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust, which runs King's Mill, says it's made improvements and insists it now puts clinical considerations above financial ones.

Care Quality Commission comments on Nottinghamshire hospital

Dr Andrea Gordon, CQC deputy director of operations (regions), says

"Kings Mill Hospital must make sure it has robust processes in place to assure itself that it can manage and identify any risks or issues. Where issues are identified these have to be clearly communicated to trust leaders so any necessary action can be taken. It is imperative that any improvements the trust makes are sustainable and maintained for the future.....

......During our own inspection we found patients spoke positively about their care and treatment and we have been receiving updates from the trust on the work it is doing to improve."

– Dr Andrea Gordon


Problems uncovered at Nottinghamshire's King's Mill hospital

A Care Quality Commission report out today raises concerns over the pathology department at King's Mill hospital in Nottinghamshire.

The inspection followed the recall of 79 breast cancer patients over concerns surrounding test results.

  • Poor communication between pathologists and hospital directors.
  • The pathology department was without a leader for five years between 2003 and 2007, with the role being covered by locum staff, and a number of permanent posts were not filled.
  • Equipment in the department was outdated.
  • The hospital’s action plan in relation to mortality rates was not being clearly monitored by the trust board.
  • Processes to detect changes in performance or risk were not robust enough.

Concerns about breast cancer treatment at Nottinghamshire hospital

King's Mill hospital, Nottingham Credit: ITV News Central

A report out today says that processes to ensure quality care at King's Mill hospital were not robust enough and there was poor communication between medical staff and Trust directors.

In October last year, the Care Quality Commission was called in to investigate concerns that breast cancer patients weren't given the most appropriate treatment because of incorrect test results.

During CQC's inspection patients did praise the care and treatment they had received.

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