Problem prisons in Midlands

A study by the Howard League for Penal Reform has criticised prisons across the Midlands


Concerns over Peterborough Prison

Peterborough Prison
Peterborough Prison Credit: Press Association

Peterborough Prison has been criticised by the Howard League for Penal Reform for the number of self-harm incidents which have been recorded there.

The charity says 24 self-harm incidents were recorded every week at Peterborough last year.

Peterborough Prison holds both men and women.

Women represent one in 20 people in prison but they make up half of all self-harm incidents.

Ministry of Justice says it has "zero tolerance" approach to violence

The Ministry of Justice says it has systems in place to deal with perpetrators quickly with serious incidents referred to the police for prosecution. They go on to say:

"The prison assault rate has fallen over the last 5 years and the current rate of assaults is the lowest since 2004.

We are committed to open and transparent reporting of data relating to deaths in custody, self-harm and assaults. It remains a priority to reduce the number of deaths and violence in custody. Prisons take the responsibility of keeping prisoners, staff and visitors safe extremely seriously.

Strenuous efforts are made to learn from each death and improve our understanding and procedures for caring for prisoners."


Glen Parva and Peterborough prisons 'violent'

Glen Parva has been named as one of the most violent prisons in the country Credit: HMYOI/RC Glen Parva

Glen Parva young adults prison in Leicestershire has been named as one of the five most violent prisons in England and Wales. The Howard League for Penal Reform say there were 392 assaults there last year - only four other prisons recorded more.

The report also says Peterborough Prison is the most violent in the country.