Retired Policeman charged with theft

A row has broken out over the decision by Warwickshire Police not to name a suspect who was charged with stealing £113,000.

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Warks Police: Theft 'hugely embarrassing'

Warwickshire Police have admitted the theft of money from their former headquarters in Leek Wooton is 'hugely embarrassing' for the force.

54 year old retired officer, Paul Andrew Greaves, formerly of the Stratford area, will appear before magistrates in Leamington on May 22 charged with theft.

The theft of cash from Warwickshire Police was hugely embarrassing and a lengthy and painstaking investigation has been conducted. The charging of the suspect Paul Andrew Greaves was a major step forward and we now await the court process. Any police officer or police staff member who commits a crime can expect to be dealt with robustly and receive little sympathy from colleagues or the public alike.

– Warwickshire Police Statement

Warwickshire Police were criticised for taking the decision not to name Mr Greaves after he was formally charged on Wednesday. The Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire has called for a review into the incident .

We advise forces, working with the CPS, to name those who have been charged and that position will not change. When an individual has been arrested our current guidance is not to name them and we will only release the name for the prevention or detection of crime, or if there is a serious public interest."

– Chief Constable, Andy Trotter, Association of Chief Police Officers

Warwickshire Police deny trying to 'protect' former officer

Warwickshire Police have apologised for failing to name a retired police officer charged with theft. They received criticism following the decision on Wednesday.

In their latest statement on the issue, the force say they never intended to "mislead the public."

This issue was not about secrecy or protecting an ex police officer. This change was part of aligning policies and practices with West Mercia Police.

– Warwickshire Police Statement

54 year old Paul Andrew Greaves, of Belvoir Lodge, Carlton, Nottinghamshire and formerly of the Stratford has been charged with the theft of £113,000 from the former police headquarters at Leek Wooton.

He will appear in court in Leamington on 22nd May.


Report needed on Warwickshire Police conduct

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire has called for a "full and frank report" on the decision by Warwickshire Police not to name a theft suspect who was charged.

They have since identified 54 year old Paul Andrew Greaves, from the Stratford area, a retired police officer.

Ron Ball, released a statement through his Deputy Commission, Eric Wood.

We will be seeking assurances that in future all national guidelines are adhered to. We are committed to ensuring that Warwickshire Police operate in an open and transparent manner and that lessons have been learned from the mistakes of the last 24 hours."

– Eric Wood, Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner, Warwickshire

Retired police officer charged with theft named

Warwickshire Police have been forced to name a former police officer who has been charged with theft.

Yesterday, 54 year old Paul Andrew Greaves, a former retired police officer, was charged with the theft of £113,000 from the former Police HQ at Leek Wootton. Warwickshire Police decided not to release his name on grounds that it was "not appropriate".

We accept that our decision not to name im was wrong and inconsistent with the current national guidance. We apologise that our previous approach has not been consistent with this.

– Warwickshire Police Statement

Warwickshire's Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Eric Wood, has issued a statement saying that he believes it is in the public interest to name individuals charged with serious offences.

Police defend decision not to name suspect

Warwickshire Police have issued a statement after a retired police officer was charged with theft, but not named.

In keeping with the force national policy Warwickshire Police does not name suspects on arrest. The force may, however, name suspects on charge unless it is inappropriate to do so. In the case in question it is inappropriate to name the person at this time."

– Warwickshire Police Statement

The force say they have received feedback on the issue since the man was charged and they will be reviewing their policy.

A 54 year old man from the Stratford area was charged with the theft of £113,000 from the former Warwickshire Police headquarters at Leek Wootton.

He will appear before magistrates in Leamington on 22nd May.

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