500 mile stilt walk

Stuart Kettell, who is walking every street in Coventry on stilts, will finish his mission on Sunday 26 May after a five week trek.

500 mile stilt walk man close to completing mission

Stuart Kettel on his stilts Credit: Stuart Kettel

Stuart Kettell, who is walking every street in Coventry on stilts, is expected to complete his 500 mile mission later this afternoon.

The stilt walker has been on a five week trek and is expected to raise around £10,000 for MacMillan cancer support.

Stuart's stilts are four-feet high and he has been walking for around eight hours a day.


Track stilt man as he walks around Coventry

Stuart Kettell is walking around Coventry on stilts to raise money for a cancer charity. He will be wearing a tracker device which will help people to find out where he is.

He will be walking in costume and plans to visit schools as he walks around the city on stilts that are 4 feet high. He will be walking for roughly 8 hours a day, every day for 3 weeks. You can follow his progress online.

Man stilt-walks around Coventry for charity

From today Stuart Kettell will be walking 500 miles round Coventry Credit: Stuart Kettell

Stuart Kettell will be stilt-walking around every single street in Coventry today to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

His route takes in roughly 500 miles of Coventry's streets and will take him roughly 3 weeks to complete if he walks around 8 hours a day.