Riots victim helps Syria

Tariq Jahan, whose son was killed during riots in Birmingham two years ago, has taken part in an aid mission to help refugees of Syria's civil war.

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Tariq Jahan's aid mission to Syria

A father whose son was killed during the 2011 riots in Birmingham, has travelled to Syria to deliver one million kilos of flour to the victims of the war.

Six million people face starvation after two years of fighting and Tariq Jahan says the pain of losing a child spurred him on to make the trip and help others. Victoria Davies reports.


Riots father: "I had to help"

Tariq Jahan, from Birmingham, went on national television and appealed to people in his community to stop rioting. His appeal came just hours after his own son and two friends had been mown down and killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Mr Jahan - who was given the Pride of Britain Award in 2011 for his actions during the riots - says his own tragedy has compelled him to help other suffering communities.

"I know the pain of losing a child like so many people in Syria now," he says.

"Human Appeal is currently on the ground helping the innocent people who've been caught up in this terrible atrocity. After hearing about the work Human Appeal has been doing, I knew I had to help."

A quarter of the Syrian population is now displaced and over 70,000 have been killed.

Riots father returns from Syrian aid mission

Tariq Jahan has been to Syria on an aid mission Credit: PA

A man praised as a hero after calling for peace during the 2011 riots has returned from an aid mission to Syria. Tariq Jahan lost his son Haroon in a hit-and-run during the disturbances in Birmingham.

He has been to Syria to deliver a million kilos of food. Around six million people in the country are facing starvation after two years of fighting.


Tariq Jahan on Syrian aid mission

Tariq Jahan. Credit: PA

A man whose son died during the Birmingham riots in 2011 is going to deliver aid to people in Syria.

Tariq Jahan appealed for calm after his son Haroon's death during the disorder.

Tariq's helping charity workers to deliver a million kilos of flour and food.

During the Birmingham riots Haroon Jahan, 20, and brothers Shazad Ali, 30, and Abdul Musavir, 31, were hit by a black Mazda car during disorder in the Winson Green area of the town in the early hours of August 10th.

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