Hayfever hell

The Midlands is one of the worst areas for hayfever because it is landlocked so the wind blows pollen in from all directions. This summer could be the worst for pollen levels in 50 years.

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Hayfever hell

It's a subject that gets right up the nose of 12 million people in the UK, hayfever! This can be a miserable time of year, especially in The Midlands where we have the highest pollen levels in the country.

What's more this year levels are expected to peak higher than in 50 years and it's all down to the weather. The cold spring meant a late start to tree pollen season allowing several pollens to combine and peak at the same time.

Lucy Kite has been meeting the Midlands scientist Beverley Adams-Groom from the National Pollen and Aerobiology research unit at Worcester University who told us why pollen levels are so high...

Pollen levels up - hayfever season begins

Hayfever season begins Credit: Arno Burgi/DPA/Press Association Images

This year pollen levels could be the highest in 50 years because the season is so late that all the different species are due to flower at the same time.

The Midlands is one of the worst areas because we are landlocked, so the wind can blow the pollen into the area from all directions.


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