Anger over rail crossing death

ITV News has learned that Network Rail was warned someone could die at a level crossing in Nottingham months before a teenage girl was killed there.

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Anger as Network Rail warned over crossing 'months' before fatality

The family of a teenage girl who was killed at a tram crossing in Nottinghamshire say they are shocked and angry that Network Rail were warned of the dangers more than a year before she died.

Lindsay Inger was hit by a tram in Hucknall in November. Now it has emerged rail experts gave warnings about the layout of the crossing 14 months before she lost her life. Chris Halpin reports.


Network Rail: 'we're investing in level crossings'

We recognise that level crossings can be dangerous which is why over the past two years we have closed over 700 and are investing some £130m in improvements.

By early next year we will have made improvements at some 2,500 of the country’s 6,500 crossing and continue a national public awareness campaign to help educate people about their dangers and how to use them correctly.

With the co-operation and support of the local community we have been able to close Bayles & Wylies level crossing while we work with the local authority on the planning application for a new footbridge.

– Network Rail spokesperson


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