Afghan deportation protests

Campaigners are calling for a 23-year-old failed Afghani asylum-seeker to be allowed to remain in Leicester, saying he will be killed if he is deported.

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Full report: campaign group losing battle to keep Afghan refugee in Britain

Time is running out for a campaign group set up to help a failed asylum seeker in Leicester.

Abdul Rajabali, who fled to the UK in 2006, believes if he returns to Afghanistan he will be killed.

At a demonstration today, his friends heard he'd been transferred to a prison near Gatwick Airport where he'll be deported to Afghanistan on Tuesday. Nearly 3,000 people have now signed a petition for him to stay.


Home Office response to Afghan's case

The UK only returns individuals if both the Home Office and the courts are satisfied they do not need our protection and have no legal basis to remain in the country.

– Home Office statement

The Home Office also added that Abdul Rajabali's case had been rejected by the courts and he failed to attend an appeal hearing.

Afghan facing deportation is an "exceptional person"

Abdul Ghafar Rajabali is facing deportation Credit: ITV News Central

Pam Inder, Chair of Leicester City of Sanctuary, says of Mr Rajabali, who has converted to Christianity:

“Even if he were not seeking asylum here, Abdul is exactly the sort of young person we should be encouraging to settle in the UK. He is a quite exceptional person and if he is granted leave to remain I predict a bright future for him in whatever field he chooses to enter. I am proud to know him.”

Campaign against deportation of Afghan who claims he will be killed if sent back

Abdul Ghafar Rajabali says he will not survive the week if he is deported back to Afghanistan Credit: ITV News Central

A campaign is being held at Victoria Park in Leicester today to prevent a 23 year-old failed Afghani asylum-seeker from being deported.

Abdul Ghafar Rajabali says he will not survive the week if he is deported back to Afghanistan at midnight on Tuesday (21 May).

Abdul Ghafar Rajabali's parents and family were murdered when he was a baby, and he entered Britain illegally as a 16-year-old in August 2006 after fleeing.


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