Man killed girlfriend in Crete

A man from Brierley Hill in the Black Country has been convicted of killing his girlfriend. Luke Walker was originally charged with murder - now downgraded to grievous bodily harm leading to death. He was given an 8 year suspended sentence.

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Crete Murder Trial: 'Luke Loved Chelsea'

Luke Walker from Brierley Hill in the Black Country burst into tears in court in Crete today after a friend described his relationship with his girlfriend Chelsea Hyndman.

Lyndsay Williamson, who had been friends with Miss Hyndman from Yorkshire since 2007, said the couple had fallen in love quickly and their two-year relationship was strong.

Fighting back tears she told the court: "He loved her 100 per cent"

Luke Walker who is 25 denies murdering 20-year-old Chelsea Hyndman on the holiday island three years ago.

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Luke Walker trial: neighbour heard couple 'fighting'

A statement has been read out in court from a woman who lived in the apartment below Chelsea Hyndman and Luke Walker.

Eda Quirici informed the court that she would often hear the couple "arguing and fighting".

She was quoted as saying that on 12th May 2010, she heard "screaming, like someone being beaten."

The court was told Eda Quirici had heard "a woman screaming and it stopped after 10 minutes."


Luke Walker trial hears girlfriend had a 'bad fall'

The friend of a woman killed in Crete, has heard she had a 'bad fall' beforehand.

25-year-old Luke Walker from Brierley Hill is on trial on the holiday island, accused of murdering girlfriend Chelsea Hyndman, who was 20.

Chelsea's friend, Lyndsay Williamson, told the court:

"On the 6th May 2010, we all went out in Malia [a seaside resort] in the evening and were playing drinking games.

"Chelsea had a bad fall, which I didn't see because I was in a bar. When I saw her, she said she hurt her side."

Miss Williamson also said in evidence:

"From 11th May onwards, Chelsea seemed different. She seemed 'spaced out'... She had stomach cramps and was in a foetal position. She wanted to be alone."

Luke Walker trial: couple were "100% in love"

The trial of a man from Brierley Hill who is accused of killing his girlfriend in Crete, has heard the pair were 'very much in love'.

Luke Walker, 25, denies murdering 20-year-old Chelsea Hyndman almost three years ago.

Miss Hyndman, of Castleford, West Yorkshire, died after she was taken to hospital with abdominal pains in May 2010.

A court on the holiday island has been hearing from Chelsea's friend, Lyndsay Williamson:

"They were a young couple, very much in love. They felt invincible and wanted to get married and have children.

"They were happy and 100% in love."

– Lyndsay Williamson


Witness: Walker was a 'very fun person'

In our time I never saw a violent or aggressive person.

Alcohol obviously does change you but I think with him, and the same with Chelsea, they became even more happy and life and soul of the party.

They were very, very similar to each other and they did love to have fun and enjoy themselves.

– Witness Louise Purdy

Miss Purdy met Miss Hyndman and Walker in 2009 when they were all working in the holiday town of Malia, the couple were living and working as bar staff.

As she was getting to know Walker, an electrician, he was a "very fun person, very loving, quite caring".

Accused 'did not appear violent'

A witness has told a court in Crete that a West Midlands man, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend on the holiday island, was a loving and caring person who did not seem violent

Luke Walker, 25, of Brierley Hill near Dudley, denies killing 20-year-old Chelsea Hyndman almost three years ago.

Miss Hyndman, of Castleford, West Yorkshire, died after she was taken to hospital with abdominal pains in May 2010.

She died on May 17 from acute peritonitis, Heraklion Mixed Criminal Court, in Crete, heard as Walker's trial started.

Greek prosecutors claim Miss Hyndman was beaten by Walker, who is charged with one count of murder, but he claims she fell during a night out.

Louise Purdy, 27, told the court she socialised with Walker on a regular basis, with other people, and he did not seem be a violent kind of man.

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Pathologist evidence heard at Crete murder trial

The trial of a man from Brierley Hill accused of murdering his girlfriend in Crete, has heard she died from 'multiple organ failure'.

Luke Walker is accused of killing Chelsea Hyndman in Malia in 2010.

Pathologist Epida Spanoudaki said Miss Hyndman suffered injuries to her liver and pancreas, which were caused by 'immense force'.

The pathologist added that the injuries could not have been caused by something such as a 'knock to furniture'.

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Mother of daughter who died in Crete begins giving evidence

The mother of a woman who died in Crete three years ago has been giving evidence at the murder trial of her daughter's boyfriend who has been accused of killing her.

Greek prosecutors claim Luke Walker, from Brierley Hill, murdered Chelsea Hyndman, from Yorkshire, by hitting her in the stomach at the apartment they shared in the resort of Malia.

Mr Walker says she died after falling during a night out with friends.

Her mother, Heather, was emotional as she told a court in Heraklion of the moment she found out her daughter had died.

She said she wrote to Mr Walker when he was arrested and told him he would have to 'face the consequences' if he was responsible.

Mr Walker denies murder.

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