108lb 'monster fish' caught

A fish weighing eight stone has been caught by a man from Blaby at a lake in Northamptonshire.

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Man wrestles 'monster fish' in lake for two hours

A 21-year-old man was left reeling when he caught a 'monster fish' as he fished at a Northamptonshire lake last weekend.

Daniel with the 'monster fish'

Daniel Sibley from Leicester was carp fishing when the huge 108lb fish took the bait but ripped the line at the same time. The keen fisherman then jumped into the lake and wrestled the fish for two hours eventually bringing it to land.

Daniel says the fish is unliek anything that's been caught in the lake before

Daniel has named the fish 'Big Al' after a friend who passed away in 2012 and says nothing like it has been caught in the lake before.

What a catch!

Daniel Sibley with his 8 stone fish in Northamptonshire Credit: Daniel Sibley

Daniel Sibley, 21, from Blaby in Leicestershire has made his biggest catch ever - a fish weighing 108lb!

He caught it at Blue Bell lakes in Northamptonshire last weekend with his normal rig designed to catch fish weighing 20-40lb.


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