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Councils across the Midlands are encouraging more people to take up cycling, and pledging to reassure anxious potential cyclists by making routes safer for everyone.

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Cyclist wears head cam to catch bad driving and puts it online

Cities across the Midlands are trying to encourage more people to leave their car at home and get on a bike. But motorists and cyclists do not always see eye to eye and confrontations are not uncommon.

Rajiv Popat has been speaking to one man who wears a camera on his cycling helmet to record bad driving and then puts the footage online. He says he does it to improve driving standards.


ITV News Central special report: encouraging cycling in the Midlands

The success of Great Britain's cyclists at recent Olympics has meant a huge increase in the number of people getting on their bikes. And councils across the Midlands would like even more people to take up the sport.

The councils say cycling is healthier, more environmentally friendly and cheaper than getting in the car or on the bus.

That may be so, but many people are also nervous about taking to the road on two wheels. Local authorities say they're planning to tackle that by improving cycle routes to make it safer for everyone. Rajiv Popat reports.

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