'Moors murders' burial in Staffs?

Evidence has emerged of possible burial sites for victims of the Moors murders in Staffordshire. It will be explored in an ITV documentary to be broadcast next month.

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Claims final 'Moors murderers' victim could be buried in Staffordshire

Keith Bennett's body has never been found Credit: PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

In his book 'The Lost Boy' Duncan Staff claims he has evidence the body of Keith Bennett could be buried in Staffordshire.

A leading forensic archaeologist has carried out a preliminary search of the area and is demanding a full scale investigation.

Keith Bennett's mother Winnie Johnson Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Archive/Press Association Images


Claims photographs identified as taken in Staffordshire could be grave markers

Ian Brady Credit: PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Author Duncan Staff claims he has identified evidence of possible new burial sites in Staffordshire from photographs taken of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley in the county.

In his new book, to be accompanied by an ITV documentary, a former girlfriend of Myra Hindley claims the pair took photographs of themselves at burial sites.

Photographs almost identical to known grave markers have been identified as taken in Staffordshire.

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