Pelka mother gives evidence

The mother of four-year-old Daniel Pelka, Magdelena Luczak will continue to give evidence in her trial for his murder. Mariusz Krezolek, Daniel's stepfather, has previously denied his murder. The boy died in March 2012.

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Daniel Pelka's mother continues giving evidence, full report

A prosecution barrister has told a mother accused of murdering her four-year-old boy that the 'only thing wrong' with the child was the 'accident of birth' of having her as a mother.

Magdelena Luczak is on trial for the murder of Daniel Pelka in March last year, and for causing or allowing his death.

Both she and her co-defendant, Mariusz Krezolek, deny the charges.

Callum Watkinson reports.


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Mother of Daniel Pelka kept bruises a 'secret' from GP

Magdelena Luczak pictured in court. Credit: ITV News/Priscilla Coleman

As she gave evidence for a second day during her trial, v Daniel Pelka's mother Magdelena Luczak was asked by the barrister for her boyfriend Mariusz Krezolek, why she had not taken the four-year-old boy to a doctor when he lost weight.

Luczak, who came to the UK from Poland in 2006, said: "Because Daniel would always have a lot of bruises.

"I tried to make it secret, what was happening to him - that is why I didn't go to the doctor's."


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Mother of starved boy denies losing her temper

Magdelena Luczak, the mother Daniel Pelka has said that she "did not lose her temper" with the four-year-old when she found out he was stealing sandwiches from school.

When asked if she was 'stern' with Daniel Ms Luczak agreed, however she denied showing no emotion towards her son.

She said: "It's not that I wasn't having affection, I was upset he was taking sandwiches."

Nigel Lambert QC said: "You never hugged him - and that was you in public."To which she replied: "I always kissed him goodbye."

Magdelena Luczak pictured in court yesterday. Credit: ITV News/ Priscilla Coleman

Mr Lambert continued: "Lisa Godfrey (one of Daniel's teachers) stopped telling you about you about the food, because you were very short tempered with Daniel. Another teacher Nicola Griffiths told us you did not seem to have a nice motherly approach to Daniel."

Ms Luczak replied: "Yes they stopped telling me, but I didn't lose my temper with him...Of course I showed concern...but I was always in a rush."

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Mother 'loved partner and so allowed abuse'

Daniel Pelka's mother has said that her love for her partner Mariusz Krezolek meant she allowed him to abuse the four-year-old.

Court drawing of Magdalena Luczak on the witness stand yesterday. Credit: ITV News/ Priscilla Coleman

Nigel Lambert QC acting for Mr Krezolek asked her: "What were you doing day after day after day? Allowing Mariusz to act in the way you say he was?"

Magdalena Luczak replied: "I simply loved him so much that I allowed the treatment."

"Over and above your own children?"


"That's nonsense isn't it - that's complete nonsense. You are a woman who knows her own mind and knows what she wants out of life and you would not stand for that sort of behavior if it were being meted out by a partner without your say-so and approval."

She replies: "No I don't agree."

  1. Sejal Karia: ITV News reporter
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Mother says boyfriend 'prohibited' Daniel from eating

Magdelena Luczak has been asked in court about her drinking habits and how that impacted on her temper with her four-year-old son Daniel.During her cross-examination she was asked: "If you were drunk you would lose your temper with him (Daniel)."

She replied: "I wasn't drunk enough to lose control with the children."

Nigel Lambert QC put to her: "If you were sober you'd take a little a longer to lose your temper - but you did lose it."

"No" she replied.

Mr Lambert continued: "You couldn't cope with his growing eating habits could you.

She said: "He simply liked eating more and Mariusz (Krezolek) prohibited him from eating more."

Krezolek and Luczak, have both admitted a charge of child cruelty but deny murder and causing or allowing the death of a child.

The trial continues.

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Mother denies in court that she starved and beat her son

Magdalena Luczak told the jury that she wasn't starving or beating Daniel, but that she knew it was happening.

Asked by Nigel Lambert QC why she hadn't taken the boy to the doctor, she replied, "I tried to make it secret what was happening at home."

"Why on earth would you do that?" the barrister said. "I don't know it myself, I don't understand my behaviour."

"It's because it was you, wasn't it?"

"No it wasn't me," she said. "It was Mariusz, but I knew what was happening."

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