Fans boycott Coventry City

Thousand of fans are expected to boycott Coventry City's first 'home' fixture to be played out of the city for 130 years. The club will play fixtures at Northampton's Sixfields stadium after leaving the Ricoh because of a row over rent arrears.

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Coventry explain League's 'one-in-one-out' rule for transfers

Coventry City have explained how they are able to sign players whilst they are subject to a transfer embargo.

It means that as long as a player has left the Sky Blues, the club can sign another player, as long as their wages are 75% less.


Ricoh owner pleased with 'correct decision'

The owner of the Ricoh Arena, ACL, have responded to a High Court judge's decision to throw out an application for a judicial review by Coventry City.

The owners of the club, Sisu, brought forward the legal challenge after Coventry City Council took on the Ricoh Arena's mortgage.

We note the announcement today that the High Court has dismissed the application by SISU to seek a judicial review of Coventry City Council’s decision to take over Yorkshire Bank’s loan to ACL. We are pleased to see that what we believe to be the correct judgment has been made in this unfortunate situation.

Indeed, Mr Justice Males has made the reasons for his judgment very clear. We note, in particular, his reference to the withholding of lawfully owed rent by SISU as a means of exerting pressure on ACL in commercial negotiations, which had led to an unsatisfied judgment in the High Court in ACL’s favour.

We are also pleased that Mr Justice Males has included in his judgment the decision that ACL’s costs in relation to this dismissed case should be borne by SISU.

– Arena Coventry Limited (ACL) statement

Council 'delighted' over judicial review refusal

A High Court judge has thrown out an application for a judicial review of the decision by Coventry City Council to take on the Ricoh Arena's mortgage.

We are delighted that permission to apply for a judicial review by Sisu-related companies (including Coventry City Football Club Holdings Ltd) into the Council's decision to restructure Arena Coventry Limited's loan at a commercial rate from Yorkshire Bank, has been refused in the strongest terms by High Court Judge Mr Justice Males.

While we always knew we had a strong case, there was always the possibility that a judge could allow the case to be heard, tying up the Council in lengthy and complex litigation which would, whatever the outcome, have benefitted no-one.

The judge has thrown out the case at the earliest possible opportunity, and while the applicants can appeal the decision at an oral hearing we hope the robust refusal of the application will allow us to move forward.

For the past few months the threat of litigation has fettered the Council. We’ve been unable to speak out about this issue or talk about the reasons why we’ve taken the decisions we have. That’s been very difficult for us all; we know how important the Ricoh Arena and the Sky Blues are to Coventry people and how desperate people are for us to do what we can to find a solution.

– Joint statement from Cllr Ann Lucas, Leader of Coventry City Council and Cllr John Blundell, Leader of the Opposition, Coventry City Council

The Council also said: "We’re clear about our priorities; our primary focus is to support the development of a very important asset for the city, continue the regeneration of this part of Coventry."

"We also want a successful and sustainable football club playing at the Ricoh. Our aim is to work hard to deliver this."

Breaking: Sky Blues council judicial review thrown out

A High Court judge has thrown out an application for a judicial review of the decision by Coventry City Council to take on the Ricoh Arena's mortgage.

Sisu, the firm which owns the Sky Blues, brought forward the legal challenge, claiming it mounted to illegal 'state aid'.

The council spent £14m buying out the loan from Yorkshire Bank.

The judge ruled that the decision was justified, because Coventry City had stopped paying £100,000 per month in rent.

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Coventry City will welcome investigation into stadium controversy

Coventry City have released a statement in response to attacks from Ricoh Arena against the Joint Administrator Paul Appleton, the Football League and SISU.

Arena Coventry Limited initially said:

The liquidation process allows for detailed investigation of the failed business and we will be watching carefully to ensure this is carried out in an appropriate manner in the case of Coventry City Football Club Limited.

We hope also that because of the questions being asked by supporters and other stakeholders about his actions, Mr Appleton will allow new, independent liquidators to investigate the actions of the Company and officeholders if the Company does go into liquidation, which we note has still not been publicly confirmed.

– Arena Coventry Limited

In response Coventry City have welcomed an investigation into dealings at the club.

We can answer every single point put forward and have nothing to hide. In fact, we welcome any investigation that examines this whole affair – including the property and financial deals relating to the move from Highfield Road, which is where this all began.

We are also happy for an investigation into why previous owners of the club set up the Limited/Holdings structure in 1995 and any transfer of assets since then.

– Coventry City statement
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Football League 'dismayed' at continuing dispute

The Football League has said it is "dismayed" over the continuing disagreement between the the owners of the Ricoh Arena and Coventry City's administrators that has left the club on the brink of liquidation.

Earlier today, the owners of the Ricoh Arena, Arena Coventry Limited (ACL), rejected proposals drawn up by the club's adminstator that would of brought the club out of administration.

Coventry City are on the brink of liquidation. Credit: Nigel French/PA Wire

Football League Chairman, Greg Clarke said: "Once again, it is a source of immense frustration to everyone involved that the two parties in this dispute have failed to reach any agreement. The Board is dismayed at the level of intransigence being shown."

The association insisted that it would continue its efforts to get the parties to enter "meaningful negotiations" so that Coventry City can return to Coventry "at the earliest opportunity".

Coventry City criticises Ricoh Arena bosses

There has been a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the club’s future but this decision by the Football League means we now have certainty and the club’s future is secured. We can now get on and put our future plans into action which means building and owning our own stadium in the Coventry area.

It’s made all the harder by the fact that the adjournments pushed the club right up to the deadline for the start of the season.

Surely the events of the last few days and the abuse of the administration process highlight that the club had been left with very little room for manoeuvre.

– Tim Fisher, chief executive of Coventry City Football Club

Indeed, I am sure that all the fans are aware that the very reason ACL stated for filing for administration in the first place was to avoid liquidation and a points deduction this season. Liquidation is exactly what they pushed for and succeeded in getting today.

None of us want to start the season away from the club’s home city but previous refusals to take up our offer of negotiation or arbitration meant we were forced to find a ground to complete our fixtures.

– Tim Fisher, chief executive of Coventry City Football Club

Football League criticises Coventry City creditors

Once again, it is a source of immense frustration to everyone involved that the two parties in this dispute have failed to reach any agreement. The Board is dismayed at the level of intransigence being shown.

Nonetheless, The League will continue with its efforts to get the two parties to enter into meaningful negotiations, so that Coventry City can return to Coventry at the earliest opportunity.

The Board's decision means that these attempts can now be conducted against a backdrop of Coventry City as a continuing member of The Football League.

– Greg Clarke, Football League Chairman
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