East Midlands migrant growth

Half the population of England and Wales live in areas of relatively high immigration, Boston in Lincolnshire has seen a 400% rise in the past ten years.

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First indepth analysis of East Mids migrant population

The first comprehensive analysis of the migrant population of the East Midlands has showed that early a quarter (24.7%) of the foreign-born population lived in Leicester. The report said:

  • Leicester had the highest number (110,843) and highest population share (33.6%) of non-UK born residents in 2011
  • The city also had the largest numerical growth in the migrant population (46,283 additional non-UK born residents)
  • With 305,680 residents, Nottingham accounted for 13% of all foreign-born residents living in East Midlands and 20% of the local population
  • It meant that more than a third (38%) of the non-UK born residents of East Midlands resided in Leicester and Nottingham
  • The smallest proportion of the foreign-population lived in the county of Derbyshire, its 25,642 foreign-born residents represent 6% of the total non-UK born population of the East Midlands and 3% of the local population


Report into East Midlands immigration out today

Boston has seen the highest rise in immigration Credit: ITV News Central

The first comprehensive analysis of the migrant population of the East Midlands has been released today by Oxford University's Migration Observatory.

It shows that in the last decade, some parts of the region have seen the biggest percentage increases in their migrant population than other area in the UK.

Boston in Lincolnshire has seen the largest increase in the number of migrants. Since 2001, foreign born residents living their rose by over 450%.

In 2011, there were almost 10,000 migrants living in the city.

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